Bret Pemelton

Recovering Musician. Writer. Breeder (six kids).  Native Californian who fled Los Angeles in 1994 for the big city lights of Nashville. 2 record deals, 4 albums, 6 sold, message received! Photography became the transition drug that helped me get over myself and get on with my life.  

An affinity for the past with an appetite for the future (oh paleeease!) Big fan of 30's, 40's and 50's black and white imagery. Particularly Life Magazine's from those periods, Dorothea Lange. George Hurrell. August Sander.  Also a major Alfred Hitchcock freak. Once followed a woman who looked like Grace Kelly for 5 city blocks before realizing that I'd stumbled into a "Gay Pride" parade. 

Love capturing the human spirit.  In all it's beauty.  In all it's flaws.  The timeless human experience is an image that I am in constant pursuit of.